On Saturday, 13th April 2019, CAP-SL launched its self-funded community library and resource center in the Jui community, Western Area Rural District, Freetown to serve a population of over 500 pupils between aged 5 to 13 years old. The idea was inspired by the burden in the heart of our founder and Executive Director - Baimba OSMAN Sheriff and his colleagues Ibrahim Sorie Jalloh, Andrew Dauda, Joseph M. Dumbuya, Halimatu Kandeh, Patricia Josiah to establish a learning hub for children to come and visit after school, where they would receive mentorship, ICT education and read quality books that develop and build their self-confidence. Today, the center is serving over 5 primary schools and hosting more than 500 children within the Western Area Rural District, Freetown.

The library centre would provide opportunity for children from low income families and schools to have access to learning resources; children's books, computer lab and mentorship supports through delivering early childhood education and psychosocial support. The library is the first ever public faculty in the heart of the Western Area Rural District that brings children from all backgrounds’ to develop skills in computing, reading, learning and building self-confidence.

The model of the centre is to combine early childhood with a child-centred development that put emphasis on listening, reading, practicing and testing. At the centre, we give children a voice and opportunity to interact, thrive, ask questions and feel proud to try and fail. Our model of tutorship is focus on mentoring children to achieving their full potentials. We inspire children to learn something that isn’t found in school. Our teaching curriculum looks at Coding for Kids, Understanding Computer, and Developing Self-Confidence, Learning to Read with Confidence, Story Telling and the Power of Communication.


Safety: CAP-SL upholds the safety and protection of every child and teenage mothers in a high degree of professionalism and therefore, all workers, volunteers and partners should implement programs in a harm-free environment and safe manner.

Integrity: Every worker and partner of CAP-SL should uphold the highest standard of integrity which include fairness, honesty, incorruptibility, and transparency in delivering services to beneficiaries.

Honesty and Loyalty: Workers at CAP-SL should be honest to fellow colleagues, loyal to the humanitarian course and should devote time, energy and expertise in delivering their services for a greater impact on beneficiaries. Workers should ensure actual requisition of logistics for implementation of activities, projects and programs in order to maintain fair usage of the organization’s resources to discourage exploitation.

Accountability: Every worker should be fully accountable for the proper execution of their task and for every decision made. All workers should be in the capacity to send reports on implemented activities and every action made must be in the best interest of beneficiaries and thus promote the vision of CAP-SL.